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Eye & Ear

Cleanaural Ear for Dogs
$ 11.39
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Cleanaural for Cats
$ 11.19
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$ 13.44
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Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats
$ 14.47
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Ilium Oticlean
$ 15.60
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Kyron Eye Wash
$ 11.28
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Malacetic Otic Ear
$ 14.81
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Oticlear Ear Cleanser
$ 15.07
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Otosol for Dogs & Cats
$ 9.04
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Swimmer's Solution
$ 6.10
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Our eye and ear care products for dogs & cats focus on preventing infections, diseases and other eye/ear conditions. Budget Pet World has included a wide variety of disinfectants and cleansers to prevent severe situations like inflammation, cankers and itchy eyes in dogs and cats. We also have treatments that aid in recovering post surgical issues in canines and felines. Choose some of our best eye/ear care brands from Budget Pet World to experience affordable yet reliable pet care.