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Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

4.7/5 (31 Reviews)
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Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats 118 Ml
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Malacetic Otic Ear
  • Pet
    Dog and Cat
  • Treatment For
    Eye and Ear
  • Health Benefits
    Controls Otitis Externa, Debris, Excess Wax and Exfoliating Skin
  • Product Type
    Liquid Solution
  • Parasites Covered
  • Recommended For
    All Stages of Cats and Dogs
  • Key Ingredients
    Acetic Acid, Boric Acid

MalAcetic Otic Ear For Dogs And Cats

MalAcetic Otic is a solution that is specially designed for dogs and cats. It is an all natural environmentally sensitive formula to use for routine ear cleaning and drying in pets. MalAcetic Otic Cleanser dewaxes and degreases your pet's ears leaving them clean, dry and smelling great. The pH balanced formula uses functional acids which are highly effective in treating yeast (Malassezia), bacteria and microbes.

How it works?

MalAcetic Otic solution contains two active ingredients Acetic Acid and Boric Acid with surfactants. These elements help to clean the dogs and cats ear gently and effectively. It also prevents the formation of wax and other bacteria. It safe to clean the pet's ears on regular basis.


  • Acetic Acid

  • Boric Acid

Manufacturer: Dechra

How to Use Malacetic Otic Ear for Dogs & Cats

  • Shake well before using.

  • Apply to the ear canal and gently.

  • Massage firmly at the base of the ear.

  • Use a cotton ball to remove excess solution.

  • Repeat as necessary or as directed by your veterinarian.

  • Close cap tightly.

  • Sterilize your hands

  • Use once or twice a week

  • Keep Out of reach of children and pets

  • Treatment for dogs and cats only

  • Wash hand after use

  • Store at room temperature between 15-30oC (59-86oF)

  • Cleans and dries the ears of dogs and cats

  • pH balanced formula with pleasant fragrance

  • Dewaxes, degreases and deodorizes

  • Highly efficacious against yeast

  • Safe on ruptured eardrums

Malacetic Otic Ear Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 31 Reviews
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74% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
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Effective May 10, 2023
Love using this, effective and easily cleans the ears!
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Best option Apr 04, 2023
This is the best option to have.
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Great choice Feb 22, 2023
This cleans well, no more infection or pain in the ears of my pet.
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Awesome Jan 17, 2023
Awesome ear cleanser, no more issues!
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Gentle cleaner Dec 05, 2022
This is the most gentle clanser I have used for my pet.
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Good Oct 31, 2022
Keeps the ear clean and prevent irritation.
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Reliable product Sep 23, 2022
I am using this site for many years, never faced any quality-less or late shipping issues.
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Ear cleanser Aug 24, 2022
Cleans out the ear really well and prevents further infection.
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Effective in yeast infection May 31, 2022
It removes infection in ear and also is good for hygine
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Excellent Product Sep 27, 2021
Once you start using it for your pet results will not let you buy anything else. Highly recommended
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