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Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats Ear Cleaner

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Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats Ear Cleaner 125 Ml
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Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats
  • Pet
    Dog and Cat
  • Treatment For
    Eye and Ear
  • Health Benefits
    Controls Otitis Externa, Debris, Excess Wax and Exfoliating Skin
  • Product Type
    Liquid Solution
  • Parasites Covered
  • Recommended For
    All Stages of Cats and Dogs
  • Key Ingredients
    Lactic acid, Salicylic acid

Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser for Dogs And Cats

Epi-Otic is a non-irritating ear cleanser that consists of anti-adhesive properties that do not allow buildup of bacteria and yeast. It is used for cleansing the ear canal of dogs and cats suffering from otitis externa (ear infection). It is a well-tolerated and efficient ear cleanser that easily removes cellular debris and excessive wax along with drying of the ear canal. This ear cleaner is recommended for casual cleansing of pet's ears or before application of ear preparations.

How it works?

The anti-adhesive property of the ear cleanser utilizes glycotechnology that does not allow pseudomonas bacteria from getting connected to the skin surface of the pets. This procedure assists in getting rid of bacteria and yeast buildup thus preventing irritation. It has anti-odor technology comprising of aldehyde complex that assists in eliminating odors.


Lactic acid 25 mg/mL

Salicylic acid 1.1 mg/mL

Manufacturer: Virbac

  • Keep the tip of the bottle on the ear canal and squeeze out the solution onto the pet’s ears.
  • Massage the base of the ear to displace excess wax deposits.
  • Wipe away the dirt with cotton ball.
  • It can be safely applied twice or thrice a week or as per the Vet’s recommendations.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If Epi-Otic enters the eyes then flush with lots of water.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after cleaning the animal’s ears with Epi-Otic.
  • Non irritating solution for cleaning waxy and odoriferous ears. Proves effective and gentle cleansing treatment for sensitive skin as well.  
  • Removes wax deposition, dead tissues and debris from ear canals and skin lesions.
  • Maintains proper hygiene and creates optimal environment for tissue regeneration.
  • Aids in treatment of Otitis Externa and prevents ear problems in dogs and cats.
  • Ideal treatment for external ear canal infections.

Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats Reviews

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64% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
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Effective! Nov 01, 2022
I buy this all the time as it is cost-friendly and effective!
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Really good results Sep 24, 2022
Really good ear cleanser for my pet, highly recommended for everyone.
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So good Aug 25, 2022
It clears out the ear very effectively.
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Tried and tested May 31, 2022
It helps in curing ear infection, I have used it in my cat and I am very satisfied
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Best and effective Sep 27, 2021
The best and effective product I have ever had for my pal. Would definitely recommend this.
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Works wonders! May 21, 2021
I have used this product for the first time and got amazed by the effective results. Works great!
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Unbelievable results Mar 18, 2021
I just couldn’t believe how amazing this product works! Worthy product for our four-legged friends.
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Helpful Product Feb 24, 2021
It helps to keep that dirty strains away from my sweetheart’s face with no side effects.
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Effective Ear Cleanser Jan 27, 2021
An efficient ear cleanser that removes junk and prevents infections as well.
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quality product Dec 11, 2020
quality ear cleaning product at lowest price
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