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Epi-Otic for Dogs & Cats

Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser for Dogs And Cats

Epi-Otic is a non-irritating ear cleanser that consists of anti-adhesive properties that do not allow buildup of bacteria and yeast. It is used for cleansing the ear canal of dogs and cats suffering from otitis externa (ear infection). It is a well-tolerated and efficient ear cleanser that easily removes cellular debris and excessive wax along with drying of the ear canal. This ear cleaner is recommended for casual cleansing of pet's ears or before application of ear preparations.

How it works?

The anti-adhesive property of the ear cleanser utilizes glycotechnology that does not allow pseudomonas bacteria from getting connected to the skin surface of the pets. This procedure assists in getting rid of bacteria and yeast buildup thus preventing irritation. It has anti-odor technology comprising of aldehyde complex that assists in eliminating odors.

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Top Reviews

Great results!

I can't believe how well this product worked. In just a couple of days, my German Shepherd went from crying in pain to rejoicing his life after putting it in his ears. I will be using Epi-Otic once a week to maintain good ear hygiene on my dog. I will make sure to always have it on hand.


What could be easier. It put it in ear canal and it works wonderfully.

Good reaction

No side effects or negative reaction. Soothes ear canal and easily removes excess wax.