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Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Flea and tick infestation is the most annoying health issue that a pet faces. To ease your dog’s consistent scratching and your budgetary stress, we offer prominent flea and tick products at slashed prices. Keeping the pooch’s preferences of administration mode in mind, we carry all types of preventives including topical, tablets, chews, sprays, collars, and more. Frontline Plus, Bravecto & Nexgard Spectra are some of the flea and tick brands loved by most pet parents. If you are a parent to more than one pet, apply flea and tick treatments on the same schedule to prevent cross infestation.

Types of Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs

Flea and tick preventive treatments are available in many forms these days. It can be topical, tablets, chews, sprays, collars, and more. Some kill adult fleas only while some kill all life stages of fleas. Other treatments may kill fleas and ticks both. So many choices might leave you overwhelmed about the best form of flea and tick prevention for your dog. If you are wondering what kind of treatment is good for your pet, here is a quick explanation of the different types of flea and tick products.

Oral Flea & Tick Treatments

Chews, tablets, and liquid suspensions are oral treatments that help control and treat flea and tick infestations in pets. The type of oral treatment that your pet needs depends on the situation of your pet. If you think you’d have a hard time applying topicals to your pet, mess-free oral treatments might be a better choice.

Some of the best oral flea and tick treatments for dogs include Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, Credelio, Simparica Trio, and Comfortis Plus.

Topical Flea & Tick Treatments

Topical treatments are very easy to use. You simply need to empty the contents of the tube or pipette onto your dog’s skin at the base of its shoulder blades. The active ingredients present in the liquid will spread evenly on your dog’s skin, causing the death of the parasites whenever they bite the dog. If you don’t want to give any oral treatments to your dogs, topicals are the best choice for you.

Here are some of the best spot-on treatments for kicking off fleas and ticks on your dog- Frontline Plus, Frontline Combo, K9 Advantix, Advantage, Bravecto Topical, and Vectra 3D.

Flea & Tick Collars, Sprays, and Shampoos

BudgetPetWorld carries a wide range of flea and tick collars, sprays, and shampoos. These are the easiest yet effective ways of fighting fleas and ticks. Collars and sprays keep you away from the hassles of messy applications or persuasive dosing. Flea collars like Seresto Collar work actively on fleas for as long as 8 months, whereas Bayopet Flea and Tick Collar kills fleas for 4 months. If you’re keeping your dog on monthly oral or topical treatments, collars might not be essential. In this case, If you’re keeping your dog on monthly oral or topical treatments, collars might not be essential. In this case, you can flea sprays or flea shampoos give additional flea protection.

Important of Dog Flea Prevention Treatments

Flea bites cause irritations, itching, and a number of diseases in dogs. In some cases, dogs scratch themselves raw, causing hair loss and scabs. Some dogs are even allergic to flea saliva. Flea bites can induce anemia in small or weak dogs because fleas suck on their blood. In addition, fleas are known to carry tapeworms, which can be transmitted to your dog if it swallows fleas.

Fleas can be fatal for your furry friend if left untreated. Hence, flea prevention treatments are the only way to save your dog from all these consequences.

Important of Dog Tick Prevention Treatments

Ticks are even more dangerous than fleas. They feed on the dog’s blood. If left untreated for a longer period, they may cause irritations, inflammation, and anemia. Ticks can transmit many dangerous diseases in dogs like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever, etc. Some ticks may also cause paralysis in dogs. Moreover, some of these diseases may also be transmitted to humans.

The only way to prevent tick infections is to use an effective tick prevention treatment for your dog.