Activyl for Cats

Activyl for Cats is an exclusive spot-on flea control treatment consisting of a fast-acting, long-lasting formula that starts killing fleas within 8 hours of administration. It continues to kill fleas for a complete month. Due to its waterproof property, your feline can freely move around after administration of the treatment and can even bath after application of the treatment.

It is safe to use on kittens and cats 8 weeks of age and older and weighing at least 2 lbs

How It Works?

Indoxacarb is the active ingredient present in Activyl for cats. Indoxacarb, an oxadiazine pesticide kills fleas and destroys flea life cycle with the help of a procedure known as bio-activation. When the treatment is administered in felines, indoxacarb gets stored in the lipid layer of the cat’s skin. When the flea bites the feline it absorbs the active ingredient Indoxacarb. Indoxacarb gets activated when it gets in contact with the enzymes prevalent in fleas. Once it is completely activated, it harms the central nervous system of the flea thereby leaving it completely paralyzed and dead.

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Worth trying product!

Activyl is the best product available to cure fleas on my pet. I trust it completely and have never had any complaints with the results. Thank you, Activyl!

Good one

This is the best flea product in the world! My cat was allergic to everything.Flea bath,treatmant and many other medicines,even it being on the other cats and not him. My vet recommended this product and he has a very happy life!I

Product as described

Two months of use and the result was fabulous. No cons. This is the only product that seems to work perfectly on my cat’s sensitive skin without hurting.