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Emtryl Soluble Powder 50 gm

4.5/5 (20 Reviews)
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Emtryl Soluble Powder
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Cankers, and Trichomomasis
  • Health Benefits
    Diease Protection
  • Product Type
    Oral, Powder
  • Protects For
  • Recommended For
    Birds of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Dimetridazole B,P (Vet) 40% m/m powder

Emtryl Soluble Powder for Pigeons Only

Emtryl Soluble Powder is a boon for pigeons as it protects them from crop canker and Trichomomasis. It is very easy to use the product and is safe on all types of pigeons. It is also quite effective in treating them faster. It assists pigeons in recovering faster and regaining strength.  This cost-effective powder is effective on all types of pet pigeons. But it should not be used on pigeons who are feeding their young ones.

How It Works?

Emtryl Soluble Powder, a MedPet product contains Dimetridazole as an active ingredient. It is quite effective in controlling canker infection in pigeons. It reduces the rate of infection effectively and treats the infected bird. It protects and controls crop canker disease in racing pigeons. It is widely used in racing and breeding season since Trichomomasis is most prevalent in pigeons during these periods.

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Dimetridazole B,P (Vet) 40% m/m powder

Manufacturer: MedPet

  • Prepare the solution by dissolving 3 gram powder per 2 liters of water
  • Administer the prepared solution for 7 consecutive days without a gap
  • Prepare the solution every 3 days to retain its effectiveness
  • While administering Emtryl, it is necessary to remove all other sources of drinking water
  • After using the powder keep the container tightly closed
  • Children and other pet animals should not be allowed to get near the product
  • If the bird is feeding their young ones then do not administer this treatment on them
  • Keep the product at a cool and dry place away from damp area
  • This product is recommended to used only on pigeons.
  • A very cost-effective treatment
  • An ingenious treatment for crop canker or Trichomomasis in pigeons
  • Easily gets dissolved in water
  • Emtryl preparation is effective for three days
  • Treats and controls prevalent disease of racing pigeons
  • Very easy to administer in pigeons
  • Well-accepted by pigeons

Emtryl Soluble Powder Reviews

Average Rating 4.5 Based on 20 Reviews
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55% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
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Helpful Product Mar 23, 2021
It helps my birdies to stay active and healthy for long. Would recommend this.
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Works Amazingly Well Feb 01, 2021
This powder just worked amazing. It helped my racing birdies to stay healthy and active
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Good quality and good price Dec 11, 2020
Good quality and good price
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Great product Nov 18, 2020
Great product, worked well for our cooop
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Lucky to have this Nov 18, 2020
Lucky to have this product, works well for our coop
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Amazing Oct 05, 2020
Just three days of treatment,,,,and can see my birds happily chirping.
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Great for Budgies Sep 08, 2020
Great for our flock of budgies
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Effective Aug 27, 2020
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Very important to Parrot health Jun 10, 2020
Very important to Parrot health. It helped to treat terrible disease and now my parrot's health is on recovery.
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no more infections May 08, 2020
treating our coop regularly there is never a chance for infeciton
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