Emtryl Soluble Powder

Emtryl Soluble Powder for Pigeons Only

Emtryl Soluble Powder is a boon for pigeons as it protects them from crop canker and Trichomomasis. It is very easy to use the product and is safe on all types of pigeons. It is also quite effective in treating them faster. It assists pigeons in recovering faster and regaining strength.  This cost-effective powder is effective on all types of pet pigeons. But it should not be used on pigeons who are feeding their young ones.

How It Works?

Emtryl Soluble Powder, a MedPet product contains Dimetridazole as an active ingredient. It is quite effective in controlling canker infection in pigeons. It reduces the rate of infection effectively and treats the infected bird. It protects and controls crop canker disease in racing pigeons. It is widely used in racing and breeding season since Trichomomasis is most prevalent in pigeons during these periods.

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solution powder

easily mixes in water so super easy to treat our pigeons.

canker treatment

quite efficient in treating infections. i worry less once i get our coop onto this.

emtryl powder

this powder is quite easily soluble. and I am happy that i dont have to wait to treat my birds. i leave the prepared solution and it works wonder.

For birds

would recommend if you have large flock. I use this during racing season and it helps me lot in keeping my pigeons good in health.

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