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Frontline Plus
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Flea & Tick
  • Health Benefits
    External Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
    Adult fleas, Ticks, Flea eggs, Larvae, Pupae, Chewing lice
  • Protects For
    One month
  • Recommended For
    8 weeks and older puppies
  • Key Ingredients
    Fipronil, s-Methoprene

Buy Frontline Plus for Dogs

Manufactured by Merial, Frontline Plus is the no.1 vet recommended flea and tick treatment for canines. Easy to apply, this topical treatment combats fleas and ticks for a whole month. Due to its larvicidal properties, it stops the development of juvenile flea stages and kills them. The elimination of adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs, larvae, and pupae is efficiently handled by Frontline Plus. Therefore, this preventive does not allow the re-infestation of parasites on a dog’s body. It is suitable to be used on adult dogs and puppies older than 8 weeks of age. This mighty pest killer is clinically tested to be used on breeding and lactating dogs, irrespective of their breed.

Frontline Plus: Key Takeaways

  • Frontline Plus is the no.1 preference of the vets
  • It has been a trusted brand among pet owners for many years
  • Kills adult fleas within 12 hours of application
  • Destroys all types of ticks in 48 hours of treatment
  • Eradicates the juvenile stages of fleas 
  • Breaks the flea life-cycle and prevents its re-infestation
  • Stays effective for 30 days
  • Is water-resistant
  • Aids in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis
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Turned out well Jun 17, 2022
This Kills All Cyles Of Parasites And Within 24 Hours Everything Is Gone. I Will Continue Using This Product.
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A complete protection from flea and worm May 31, 2022
Ptoects my small dog from ticks and fleas and also removes flea eggs it is a best purchase for my pup
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Best and Effective Formula Feb 15, 2022
Best and effective product I have ever used for my pal. Would highly recommend this to every pet parent like me.
Was this review helpful? 2 1
Best Product Jan 04, 2022
Frontline is the best! Always works wonders for my furry friend.
Was this review helpful? 2 1
Good Product Oct 11, 2021
It does the work what it is advertised for. Would strongly recommend this to every pet parent like me.
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Frontline Plus for Dogs
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