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Dermaclens Cats

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4.6/5 (10 Reviews)
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  • Information
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  • Safety
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  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Skin problems and Wounds
  • Health Benefits
    Heals wounds, lesions, abrasions and regenerates damaged and injured skin
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Dermaclens Cream for Cats

Dermaclens is a general-purpose cream for treating various dermatological conditions along with abrasions, lesions and wounds on cats. It fosters faster healing process while boosting recovery process.

Dermaclens cream ensures quick relief and actively promotes regeneration of damaged skin in cats. Furthermore, it acts as a soothing layer between injured skin and bandage when used in dressing before bandaging wounds.


Each g contains small amounts of salicylic acid and Benzonic acid apart from malic acid 7.5 mg, propionic acid 17.5 mg and propylene glycol 185 mg.

How to Use Dermaclens for Cats

Thoroughly clean the affected area and then apply this antiseptic cream.

Spread a thin layer of the cream on wound once or twice a day, or as directed by your veterinarian.

Use this dermatologic cream as required by severity of the condition and response.


Wear gloves while applying Dermaclens on your pet skin or wash hands after treatment.

Avoid direct contact of cream with your eyes. Wash your eyes for 15 minutes or until the residue is totally removed, if gets in contact with your eyes.

More Information

Safety and Precautions:

Dermaclens is applicable for veterinary use only.

Keep it away from children and pets.

Store the product in dry place and at room temperature (68°-77°F)

Dermaclens is strictly recommended for external use only.


Dermaclens when accidentally swallowed leads to nausea, headaches and abdominal disturbances.

If swallowed, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water, and give plenty of water or other bland fluids to drink. DO NOT induce vomiting, and immediately seek medical advice.


  • A vanishing based cream – Dermaclens effectively heals multiple dermatological disorders including wounds, abrasions and burns on cat’s body.
  • It promotes faster recovery process and aids in rapid regeneration of cat’s tissues.
  • Dermaclens is an odorless, non-toxic vanishing cream that does not irritate wounds or healthy skin.
  • In the form of cleansing cream, Dermaclens is an excellent wound management treatment that removes necrotic tissue, coagulum, dead cells as well as debris from wounds.
  • Suitable for all cat species, Dermaclens is also used for dressing when bandaging wounds.

Dermaclens Reviews

Average Rating 4.6 Based on 10 Reviews
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Average Rating 4.6
Based on 10 Reviews
Heals completely Jan 03, 2024
The cream is very helpful in healing the wound completely.
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Helps recover faster Dec 18, 2023
I apply the cream on my pet's damaged skin. It really helps in healing and recovering faster from the wounds.
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Accelerates healing Nov 28, 2023
Very helpful in healing wounds faster. I often use it for my kitty.
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No strong smell Oct 03, 2023
It does not have any irritating smell and it repairs the wounds completely.
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Can be used while dressing wounds Sep 13, 2023
The cream can be applied on the part that is to be bandaged. It makes healing fast. Treated my baby well
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Accelerates recovery Aug 18, 2023
It helped my bells recover speedily from the burns. What a relief to see her happy!
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Heals fast Jul 15, 2023
Best product for wounds. My paula got quick relief
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Effective results! Mar 28, 2018
I have had cats all my life (65 years) and have used this product on them. I can tell you there is nothing like it. If your cat ever has cuts, abrasions, punctures, burns, etc it immediately takes the burn and swelling down. Very effective product!
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No problem Oct 17, 2017
very good no problems
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Heals faster Oct 16, 2017
Effective, Easy to Use, Good Value, Soft on Pets, High Quality, no longer treatment required
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