Dermaclens Cream for Cats

Dermaclens is a general-purpose cream for treating various dermatological conditions along with abrasions, lesions and wounds on cats. It fosters faster healing process while boosting recovery process.

Dermaclens cream ensures quick relief and actively promotes regeneration of damaged skin in cats. Furthermore, it acts as a soothing layer between injured skin and bandage when used in dressing before bandaging wounds.

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Effective results!

I have had cats all my life (65 years) and have used this product on them. I can tell you there is nothing like it. If your cat ever has cuts, abrasions, punctures, burns, etc it immediately takes the burn and swelling down. Very effective product!

No problem

very good no problems

Heals faster

Effective, Easy to Use, Good Value, Soft on Pets, High Quality, no longer treatment required