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Dermaclens Reviews

Average Rating 5.0 Based on 3 Reviews
100% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Skin problems and Wounds
  • Health Benefits
    Heals wounds, lesions, abrasions and regenerates damaged and injured skin
  • Product Type

  • A vanishing based cream – Dermaclens effectively heals multiple dermatological disorders including wounds, abrasions and burns on cat’s body.
  • It promotes faster recovery process and aids in rapid regeneration of cat’s tissues.
  • Dermaclens is an odorless, non-toxic vanishing cream that does not irritate wounds or healthy skin.
  • In the form of cleansing cream, Dermaclens is an excellent wound management treatment that removes necrotic tissue, coagulum, dead cells as well as debris from wounds.
  • Suitable for all cat species, Dermaclens is also used for dressing when bandaging wounds.

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Effective results! Mar 28, 2018
I have had cats all my life (65 years) and have used this product on them. I can tell you there is nothing like it. If your cat ever has cuts, abrasions, punctures, burns, etc it immediately takes the burn and swelling down. Very effective product!
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No problem Oct 17, 2017
very good no problems
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Heals faster Oct 16, 2017
Effective, Easy to Use, Good Value, Soft on Pets, High Quality, no longer treatment required
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Dermaclens for Cats
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