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Wound Gard Dogs

Wound Gard Dogs

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Wound Gard Anti-Septic Spray For Cats and Dogs

This easy to use spray is manufactured by Virbac. Wound Gard is an effective antiseptic that treats all kinds of wounds, cuts and skin ruptures in canines and felines. It is composed with anti bacterial agents that efficiently heal the damaged cells and tissues at a faster pace. This topical spray is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. It also protects pets from bacterial and fungal infections.

How it works?

Wound Gard is composed with 5 main ingredients, Chlorhexidine (di)gluconate, Denatonium benzoate, Eucalyptus oil, Menthol and Phenoxyethanol. These main components work well for curing wounds in cats and dogs. It is recommended for canines and felines with eczema, dermatoses or granuloma.


Chlorhexidine (di)gluconate

Denatonium benzoate

Eucalyptus oil




  • Shake the bottle well before spraying
  • Wash hands before and after application
  • Spray sufficient amount of solution on the affected area
  • Spray from a distance
  • Use 2-3 times in a day or as per the vet’s guidelines
  • Apply 3-4 pumps for a 2 cm or 1 inch wound
  • Spray cautiously. Keep it away from pet’s eyes and mouth.
  • Keep it away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Wear rubber gloves while treating the pet.
  • Contact the veterinarian in case of ingestion by pets.
  • In case of human ingestion, contact your physician at the earliest
  • Clean hands before and after treatment.
  • Easy to use spray
  • Effective for all kinds of wounds
  • Works to heal surgical procedures
  • Safe to use on all breeds of canines and felines
  • Its bitter taste block pets from licking the wound
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Great and quick service.
Great and quick service. Using this store to buy my pet’s goods. Good quality all the time and economical as well.
Easy to use
Easy to use and effectively restrict our canines to bite their open wounds.
This works amazing
This works amazing. Must buy this product for quick wound healing.
Protective treatment against infections
Since I am using this my baby is protected from all bacterial and fungal infections
easy to apply
this spray is easy to apply and spreads easily on the wound.