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Laxapet Laxative Gel Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 22 Reviews
72% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Laxapet Laxative Gel
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat
  • Treatment For
    Constipation, Hairball Impaction
  • Health Benefits
    Treats and Controls Hairball Impaction and Occurrence
  • Product Type
    Oral, Flavored Gel
  • Recommended for
    Dogs and Cats of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Petrolatum, Lecithin, Fish liver Oil, Vitamins A, B1, B12, B2 and B6
  • Treatment for hairball and constipation
  • Prevents hairball issues in cats
  • Treats constipation problem in dogs and cats
  • Helps for smooth passage of stools
  • Lubricates the content of the gut
  • Highly palatable easy to dose paste
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Always Works Jun 09, 2022
This is my go-to product for my furry kid's nutritional support. It always works.
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Best in the market Jan 28, 2022
Couldn't believe the working of this amazing product. Works magical for my pal.
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Amazing Product Jul 22, 2021
Easy to apply and it dissolves quickly. Works great for digestive health.
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Nutritional Support Apr 27, 2021
It working! After starting administering this formula my fido is more active and playful, he is getting all the sufficient nutrients.
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Potential Product Mar 22, 2021
The product has great potential. It does what its label says!
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Laxapet Laxative Gel for Supplements
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