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Malacetic Conditioner for Dogs & Cats

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Malacetic Conditioner
  • Pet
    Dog & Cat
  • Treatment For
    Skin & Coat
  • Health Benefits
    Cleansing, Improve skin & Coat Health
  • Product Type
  • Key Ingredients
    Acetic Acid, Boric Acid, Silicone, Glycerin, Sodium Lactate, Safflower Oil (Linoleic Acid)

MalAcetic Conditioner

MalAcetic Conditioner is an easy to use, leave-on, dry-on, alcohol-free and PEG-free conditioner. It is safe to be used on dogs and cats. It has a pleasant fragrance which is totally natural. There is no presence of any artificial substance in the product. It is recommended to use this product after using shampoo or by itself.

How it works?

MalAcetic Conditioner, a Dechra product contains natural ingredients as the active ingredients. All the ingredients aid in providing a soothing effect to the pet having dry hair and moisturizing the coat. Thus, it ensures that the pet has a smooth skin and cat.


Acetic Acid, Boric Acid, Silicone, Glycerin, Sodium Lactate, Safflower Oil (Linoleic Acid), Fragrance.

Manufacturer: Dechra

  • This conditioner is only for topical use.
  • For dry application, apply directly.
  • Allow to dry on coat.
  • For wet application or after shampooing, get rid of the excessive moisture and apply directly to the skin by dividing the hair, then continue grooming as usual.
  • As a pour on - employ 4 caps per quart. Use as often as needed to maintain coat luster and healthy skin of the pet.
  • For best results, use it in conjunction with MalAcetic shampoo.
  • For detailed information on administration check the product label or contact with your veterinarian.
  • After administering the conditioner wash your hands properly with soap and water.
  • Children should not be allowed to get near the product.
  • Ensure that the conditioner does not get in the eyes of the pet. If in case of accidental exposure to the eyes, rinse the eyes properly with running water.
  • Keep the product at a room temperature between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Only for topical use.
  • Made up of balanced pH
  • Aids pets that are suffering from various skin conditions
  • Does not contain any artificial substances

Malacetic Conditioner Reviews

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best product Aug 08, 2019
for conditioner i rely on this as it works great.
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The Real Deal! Mar 29, 2018
This product has done wonders for my dog who suffers from allergies. His skin problems have ceased and his coat is shinier than ever. I am very happy and satisfied with this product.
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Shiny hair Oct 16, 2017
used it and seen best result. Started using it regularly.
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