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Malacetic Conditioner Reviews

MalAcetic Conditioner

MalAcetic Conditioner is an easy to use, leave-on, dry-on, alcohol-free and PEG-free conditioner. It is safe to be used on dogs and cats. It has a pleasant fragrance which is totally natural. There is no presence of any artificial substance in the product. It is recommended to use this product after using shampoo or by itself.

How it works?

MalAcetic Conditioner, a Dechra product contains natural ingredients as the active ingredients. All the ingredients aid in providing a soothing effect to the pet having dry hair and moisturizing the coat. Thus, it ensures that the pet has a smooth skin and cat.

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Good fragrance
It has a pleasant fragrance and has no side effects as well. Works good,
Natural Fragrance and Completely Safe
Me and pal both love its pleasant fragrance. Totally natural and safe to use on dogs.
Excellent Product
Wo-hooo! Finally, I got a product that really does what it says!
Helpful Product
It helps to maintain coat clean and look fresh. Worked for my doggo try for yours!
Truly Amazing
No other product works better than this. Truly amazing.
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