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Seresto Collar Cat Flea Collar

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Seresto Collar
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Flea and Tick
  • Health Benefits
    External Parasites
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
    Flea and Tick
  • Protects For
    8 Months
  • Recommended For
    Cats Older than 8 Weeks
  • Key Ingredients
    Flumethrin, Imidacloprid

Seresto Flea Collar

Seresto Flea Collar provides the performance you expect from a flea topical in an easy-to-use collar. It provides continuous protection against fleas for up to eight months. With Seresto, pet owners have an effective and affordable option for flea control in an easy-to-use collar.

Manufactured by Bayer, Seresto Flea collar provides uninterrupted protection against fleas and flea infestations. The Seresto collar not only kills existing fleas but also controls future infestations. This helps protect your pet from diseases spread by these parasites.

Seresto combines two active ingredients, imidacloprid, and flumethrin. The active ingredient Imidacloprid kills fleas and the other ingredient flumethrin acts on ticks. The active ingredients are integrated into Seresto’s polymer matrix seamlessly. Bayer's sustained release technology provides continuous protection against flea infestations for up to 8 months. Low doses of these ingredients are released from the matrix and absorbed through the fatty layer of the pet’s skin and hair. The active ingredients are distributed over the pet’s entire body surface to protect the pet.

Ingredients: Flumethrin, Imidacloprid

  • Remove Seresto from the laminated bag inside the tin and unroll the collar
  • Make sure you remove any plastic remnants left from the production process of the collar
  • After putting around cat’s neck, push one end of the collar through the loop
  • Tighten until two fingers fit between the collar and the cat’s neck
  • Take care not to attach the collar too loosely, as it may be pulled over the cat’s head
  • When optimal fit is reached, excess collar length beyond 2cm should be cut off
  • Keep the product away from the reach of children and other pets.
  • Store it at a cool and dry place.
  • The collar should not be used on kittens younger than ten weeks old.
  • If your cat shows any sign of skin irritation or other reaction to the collar, remove immediately and consult your veterinary.
  • Kills fleas and continues to prevent infestations for 8 months
  • Convenient and easy-to-use: one application lasts for 8 months.
  • Odorless and durable construction for long lasting protection.

Seresto Collar Reviews

Average Rating 4.8 Based on 46 Reviews
84% of Reviewers Recommend This Product All Review
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Quality collar Sep 16, 2020
Really good quality collar.
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Seresto quality collar Sep 16, 2020
Seresto collar is pure quality. Just too good.
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Flea and tick collar Sep 07, 2020
The ideal flea and tick collar for my pet.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Its amazing how this works Aug 24, 2020
Really amazed at the way these collars work. So damn good.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Easy to use Aug 06, 2020
This is an easy to use collar for my pet
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Far better Jul 09, 2020
Collar works far better than topical treatments.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Safe to use Jun 26, 2020
No obvious ill effects on our two cats.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Will buy it Jun 14, 2020
As long as it works, we will keep buying it.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Advanced collar May 11, 2020
I no more have to fear about my cat's neck getting trapped in the collar. Thanks to its advanced technology
Was this review helpful? 0 0
awesome collar May 11, 2020
The collar is awesome and works very efficiently against fleas
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Seresto Collar for Cats
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