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Mobiflex Joint Care Supplement for Dogs & Cats

4.6/5 (18 Reviews)
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Mobiflex Joint Care Supplement for Dogs & Cats 60 Tablet
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Mobiflex Joint Care Supplement
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat
  • Supplement For
    Joint Care
  • Health Benefits
    Promotes joint health, Prevents arthritis
  • Product Type

Mobiflex Joint Health Supplement for Dogs/Cats

Mobiflex Joint supplement tablets are highly useful for joint care in dogs and cats. The oral tablet helps in improving mobility and agility in dogs and cats. It decreases stiffness and eases the pain. Mobiflex tablets treat inflammation and aids in improving joint health. The oral supplement helps to keep optimal joint health and prevents signs of arthritis in felines and canines.

How it works?

Mobiflex tablets contain all natural ingredients such as GlycOmega PLUS Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. The natural anti-inflammatory agent helps in reducing pain and inflammation. It aids in the recovery of damaged joints and cartilage. The oral supplement improves and maintains joint health in dogs and cats. The naturally made supplement probes no side effects on long usage and helps in preventing ageing related joint issues. For optimal joint health, daily usage is recommended.


  • GlycOmega PLUS Green Lipped Mussel Powder
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride
  • Chondroitin sulphate
  • MSM

Manufacturer: Kyron Labs

  • Can be given directly into the mouth or crush and mix it with food.
  • Dosage depends on the weight of the dog.


  • For dogs up to 20kg (44lbs) - 2 tablets daily for the first week then reduce to 1 tablet daily.
  • For dogs 20kg (44lbs) and over - 4 tablets daily for the first week. Then reduce to 2 tablets daily.
  • For cats - 1 tablet daily for the first week. Then reduce to 1/2 tablet daily.
  • For animal use only.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Administer according to dosage.


There are no known side effects found yet.

  • Nutritional aid for healthy joints maintenance
  • Made with naturally available ingredients
  • Provides anti-inflammatory effects
  • Helps to improve mobility and relieves pain
  • Eases stiffness and relaxes joints
  • No side effects on the long usage of the supplements

Mobiflex Joint Care Supplement Reviews

Average Rating 4.6 Based on 18 Reviews
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61% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
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Effective in relieving pain May 31, 2022
excellent result, it has aid joint pain relief for my dog after a few days of use.
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Perfect Care Dec 29, 2021
Researched at many online and offline shop but couldn't find better than this. Would strongly recommend this.
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Great Product! Mar 17, 2021
It helped me to improve my dog's mobility and joint health very effectively. It is the great supplement I have ever had for my furry dude. Would strongly recommend this to any pet parent.
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Good product Jan 04, 2021
My kitty has become active. Her joints are healthy and she is all day playing around in the garden now.
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Great product Oct 28, 2020
I must say that your cat will have lots of energy so best to give it in the morning time. our cat now shows three times the energy than normal.
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Effective Sep 16, 2020
My girl is 7.9 years old and had arthritis setting in. I started this supplement for about 10 weeks now and she is running happily all around
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JOINT PRODUCT Aug 26, 2020
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palatable Aug 03, 2020
seems quite tasty for our kitty. she simply gulps up when given.
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Great product May 28, 2020
Great product and great results
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joint supplement Apr 05, 2020
giving this supplement since four years down the line I can see that compared to our neighbor's dog is quite active with no signs of arthritis. would recommend.
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