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Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats

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Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats 20 Tablets
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  • Information
  • Directions
  • Safety
  • Benefits
Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Internal Parasite Protection
  • Health Benefits
    Treats and controls worm infestation
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
    Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms
  • Key Ingredients
    Praziquantel 20mg, Pyrantelpamoate 230mg

Antezole Intestinal Worm Protection for Cats

Antezole Tablets for Cats is a reliable and effective deworming solution. These tablets are specifically designed to tackle common parasites like roundworms (ascarid), hookworms, and tapeworms that can negatively impact your cat's health. With a convenient oral dosage form, administering the tablets to your feline companion is simple and hassle-free. Each tablet is carefully formulated with a precise blend of active ingredients to deliver targeted relief and promote a healthier digestive system. Keep your cat protected and prevent worm infestations with Antezole Tablets, ensuring their well-being and allowing you to enjoy the companionship of a worm-free furry friend.

How it works?

Antezole Tablets for Cats work by utilizing a powerful combination of active ingredients, praziquantel and pyrantelpamoate. These ingredients specifically target and eradicate common intestinal worms found in cats. When ingested orally by the cat, it release the active substances, which disrupt the worms' vital functions and reproductive cycles. This action ultimately leads to the elimination of the worms from the cat's system, reducing the risk of infestation and promoting a healthier intestinal environment.

How to Use Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets for Cats

  • Determine your cat's body weight and calculate the appropriate dosage based on the recommended dosage of 1 tablet per8.8 lbs.(4 kg) of body mass.
  • Administer the correct number of tablets directly into your cat's mouth. No need to feed or fast your cat before dosing.
  • If your cat is difficult to handle, you can try hiding the tablet in a small amount of wet food for easier consumption.
  • Ensure that your cat swallows the tablet completely. If needed, you can gently hold their mouth closed and stroke their throat to encourage swallowing.
  • Monitor your cat to ensure they have swallowed the tablet properly and that no fragments remain.
  • Follow the recommended dosage schedule, and consult with your veterinarian for any specific instructions, especially if treating a known worm infestation.
  • To ensure continued protection, repeat the dosage as directed by your veterinarian or as needed based on your cat's risk of exposure to worms.
  • For animal use only
  • Intended for cats, do not use for dogs or other pets
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children and other household pets
  • Promotes the overall health and well-being of cats by eliminating worms
  • Helps prevent potential complications and risks associated with worm infestations
  • Convenient tablet form allows for hassle-free administration
  • No food restrictions before dosing, making it easier to administer to cats
  • Accurate dosage calculation based on body weight ensures optimal treatment
  • Effective against a range of intestinal worms, providing comprehensive protection
  • Reduces the risk of transmission to other pets or humans living in the same household

Kyron Antezole Deworming Tablets Reviews

Average Rating 5.0 Based on 1 Reviews
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Average Rating 5.0
Based on 1 Reviews
Works well Sep 05, 2023
I have ordered this multiple times for my 8 cats. It is really effective.
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