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Eqvalan Paste
  • Aids in controlling bots in horses
  • Effective treatment for different types of intestinal worms in horses
  • Extremely safe on all ages and breeds of horses including pregnant female horses
  • No apparent side effects of the product
  • Very simple to use and easy to administer
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Tastes Good Jun 10, 2022
She has seems to have liking this formula whenever I give her.
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Outstanding results! Feb 09, 2022
The product is very well managed; it is absolutely works well and has no side effects
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Great Product! Oct 05, 2021
Perfect care for our stallions babies and boys!
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Amazing Product Mar 29, 2021
Tried many treatment for my horses but none of them worked as effective as this. FIVE STAR PRODUCT!
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No side effects and works well Feb 02, 2021
I have used this paste for the past few months. It works well with my horses and does not have any negative side effects.
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Eqvalan Paste for Horse Supplies
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