HomeoPet Skin and itch Relief

HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief for Dogs/Cats

HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief is a natural remedy to relieve dogs/cats from constant scratching, itching, gnawing and hair loss caused by allergies. This scientifically formulated solution harnesses the nature’s natural healing power and helps to recover pets from skin issues. It provides relief from allergies, insect bites and airborne pollutants that can cause skin irritations and scratching. Skin and Itch Relief is a fast-acting formula, which is non-sedating and easy to dose liquid.

How it works?

Skin and Itch is specially formulated with naturally grown raw materials like Graphites (Black Lead), Pulex Irritans (Common Flea), Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Oak), Staphysagria (Stavesacre), Sulphur and Urtica Urens (Stinging Nettle). This formulation detoxifies the skin from inside out and helps to make pet skin healthy. It improves skin texture and leaves the coat thick and shiny.

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Good product

My fussy dog wasnt bothered by this being on her food, can see a difference in her coat highly recommend.


Great product dogs and cats actually take them when mixed with food, awesome.

cool on pet's skin

Worked for my little dog to help her with some flea bits she had before we had put flea meds on her. Always like to use homeopathic if I can.