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Heartgard Plus for Dogs

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4.8/5 (218 Reviews)
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  • Information
  • Directions
  • Safety
  • Benefits
  • Heartgard Plus FAQ
Heartgard Plus
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
  • Health Benefits
    Internal Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
    Chewable Tablet
  • Parasites Covered
    Heartworms, Intestinal worms
  • Protects For
    One month
  • Recommended For
    6 weeks and older puppies
  • Key Ingredients
    Ivermectin, Pyrantel Pamoate

Heartgard Plus Chewable for Dogs - Heartworm Prevention

Heartgard Plus is the #1 vet-recommended heartworm prevention for dogs. It eliminates the tissue stage of heartworm larvae and also treats and controls intestinal worms like hookworms and roundworms. Heartgard Plus is formulated in a soft, tasty, real-beef chewable, and is accepted easily by all dogs.

Heartgard Plus helps safeguard canines from harmful heartworm disease and intestinal infections. This oral heartworm treatment is recommended for dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and above. Heartgard Plus chewables should be given regularly at an interval of one month for continuous protection. The oral treatment is safe for stud dogs, pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs.

How Heartgard Plus works?

Heartgard Plus contains two key ingredients: ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate. Ivermectin prevents heartworm disease by killing the immature stage (larvae) of heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis), hence, preventing them from developing into adult heartworms for 30 days. The other ingredient, pyrantel pamoate, treats and prevents intestinal worms – roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina) and hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma braziliense) in dogs. Regular use of Heartgard Plus may also help to reduce the burden of roundworm eggs and hookworm larvae in the environment, and thereby reduce the risk of reinfection.

Nuheart : Generic - Heartgard for Dogs

Nuheart is the generic version of Heartgard. It is a well-known heartworm preventive for dogs. The oral monthly treatment offers three-way delivery system. Nuheart has the same ingredients as Heartgard therefore it is as effective as the branded heartworm preventive. The meat flavored heartwormer contains Ivermectin – the same ingredient is present in Heartgard. The monthly treatment prevents heartworms and protect dogs against heartworm infection. The small in size flavored tablet is easy to administer and is highly palatable.

Nuheart is safe for puppies as young as 6 weeks of age.

Important Note: Merial is now acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. So, the manufacturer’s name on product packs may vary according to the available stock.

How to Use Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Heartgard Plus tablets are chewable, so very easy to administer.  Just offer one tablet every month by hand (whole or broken) or alternatively mix it with the dog food. Only make sure your dog chews the tablet and does not swallow it. 

Heartgard Plus Dosage as Per Weight

  • Get your dog tested for heartworm disease before starting heartworm prevention program.
  • Should be administered monthly on the same date each month. If you miss a dose by several days, resume a monthly dosing schedule from a fresh date.
  • Do not use on puppies less than 6 weeks of age.
  • Some dogs, especially Collies and other herding breeds are more sensitive to ivermectin if given an overdose.
  • Side effects are rare but may include vomiting, diarrhea and drooling, especially in case of overdose. Consult your vet if signs persist.  

Caution:Collies including Border Collies and other breeds are sensitive to Ivermectin. Please consult your vet before giving this treatment or look for alternatives to Ivermectin for the treatment of parasites.


Heartgard Plus: Key Takeaways

  • An effective heartworm treatment for multiple parasites
  • Prevents heartworm disease in dogs
  • Treats and controls intestinal worms including hookworms and roundworms
  • Palatable tablet easy to administer
  • Once a month treatment
Heartgard Plus FAQ

What is Heartgard Plus?

Heartgard Plus is a beef-flavored chewable for puppies and dogs. It prevents heartworm disease and provides protection against intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms, for 30 days.

I have 3 different dog breeds. Can I use Heartgard Plus on all of them?

Yes, you can use Heartgard Plus on all dog breeds as the chewable is not known to cause any adverse reactions to any dog breed.

How long should I wait before administering the next dose of Heartgard Plus?

Heartgard Plus is a monthly treatment for heartworms and intestinal worms. For year-round protection, Heartgard Plus should be given to dogs once every month.

Can I take my dog for a bath or for swimming after giving him Heartgard Plus?

Heartgard Plus is an oral treatment for dogs. Unlike topical solutions, Heartgard Plus needs to be given by mouth. So, your canine can go for a bath or swimming right after having Heartgard Plus.

At what age should I start giving my puppy Heartgard Plus?

Heartgard Plus is safe to use on 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs. So, you can start giving Heartgard Plus to your puppies from 6 weeks of age. Ensure that your dog is tested for any existing heartworm infection before starting with the treatment.

Is Heartgard Plus effective in heartworm prevention?

Heartgard Plus is the #1 vet-recommended heartworm preventive treatment for dogs. A single dose of Heartgard Plus prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls various intestinal worm infections including roundworms and hookworms, for the entire month.

What is the right method of giving Heartgard Plus?

Heartgard Plus is a monthly chewable treatment that can be offered directly to your dog's mouth for chewing. Alternatively, Heartgard Plus may be added to a small amount of dog food.

Do I need to treat all of my dogs for heartworms?

A single bite from an infected mosquito is capable of transmitting heartworm disease to your canine, so the risk of heartworm disease is real. This is why it is imperative to treat all your dogs with heartworm preventive all year around to prevent the infection.

What happens if I miss a dose of Heartgard Plus?

If you miss giving your dog Heartgard Plus, give a chew as soon as you recall and resume with a monthly dosing schedule from the following month.

Will my dog take Heartgard Plus?

Dogs love real beef flavor. Heartgard Plus offers a delicious beef-flavor which makes it a #1 dog-preferred chew making the administration easy and effective.

Is Heartgard Plus safe?

Heartgard Plus is recommended for use on 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes. The chewable formula is safe for pregnant or breeding canines and stud dogs.

Heartgard Plus Reviews

Average Rating 4.8 Based on 218 Reviews
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Average Rating 4.8
Based on 218 Reviews
Bravo!!! Apr 10, 2024
Great price and reasonable shipping time!!!
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Ordered from Budget Pet World several times and have always been satisfied. Ordering is easy and delivery relatively quick.
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Used Before and Second Just as Good Mar 30, 2024
Name brand at a reasonable price. So much more reasonable than than going thru vet prices. Great deal!
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Perfect heartworm preventive Mar 28, 2024
It is a perfect heartworm preventive for my pet.
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Great product, easy ordering Mar 27, 2024
Been using this product for several years, easy ordering, quick shipment
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Monthly dosage Mar 22, 2024
One dose a month to keep my pet protected from heartworms. It is superb.
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Perfect worming treatment Mar 16, 2024
It eliminates all intestinal worms and protects from heartworms too. I use it regularly.
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Effective Mar 10, 2024
Superb heartworm preventive. I trust it for my pet's protection.
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Good taste Feb 26, 2024
The chewable has good taste. An easy to use heartworm preventive.
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Professional Feb 20, 2024
Extremely helpful!
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Eliminates worms Feb 20, 2024
It is a good heartworm preventive. And it removes intestinal worms too.
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Very important for pet health. Feb 17, 2024
I have used Heartgard Plus with all the dogs I have had. It is very important to protect pets from heart worms.
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