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Dorwest JointWell Tablets For Dogs and Cats

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4.5/5 (8 Reviews)
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Dorwest JointWell Tablets For Dogs and Cats

Digestive Tablets for Dogs and Cats


Dogs and Cats

Treatment for

Joint Care

Health benefits

Maintaining healthy and supple joints, comfortable movements

Product Type


Recommended for

Dogs and cats older from 8 weeks of age

Key Ingredients

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, vitamin C, zinc, hyaluronic acid

Dorwest JointWell Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Dorwest JointWell Tablets is an advanced formulation that can be used as everyday oral joint care supplements for dogs and cats. This is the upgraded version of Dorwest’s best selling joint care- Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets. It is made with natural ingredients that support healthy joints and maintains mobility in pets. This formulation is made with expertise of vets for maximum efficacy of the tablets and to design a high-quality product. The new tablets are smaller in size making it easier to administer to your pet. These tablets are approved to be used in pregnant and lactating dogs and cats, 8 weeks of age and older.

How does it work?

The newly formulated joint care tablets contain natural active ingredients. Glucosamine provides cushion to the joints and aids mobility. Chondroitin is an essential building block for cartilage and ensures its elasticity, hydration, and strength of the joints. The vitamin C and zinc contribute building the health of collagen, which supports joint structures. Moreover, it also contains, hyaluronic acid - an important compound that lubricated the joints. 


Glucosamine HCl (crustacean) 250mg, Chondroitin sulphate (marine) 100mg, Vitamin C, Zinc, Hyaluronic Acid

How to Use Dorwest JointWell Tablets For Dogs and Cats

Follow the instructions on the pack for proper dosage, according to the bodyweight of your pet.

  • Small dogs and cats (<10 kg): 1 Tablet, daily
  • Medium dogs (10-25 kg): 2 Tablets, daily
  • Large dogs (25-45 kg): 3 Tablets, daily
  • Giant dogs (45 kg+): 4 Tablets, daily

It is recommended to give double the dose as mentioned above for the first month.

  • Not recommended to use in pets under 8 weeks of age
  • Do not overfeed
  • Always keep fresh drinking water available
  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Advanced formulation for everyday joint support
  • Effective oral joint supplement for dogs and cats
  • Promotes healthy and supple joints
  • Maintains flexibility and comfortable movement
  • Contains a blend of unique natural active ingredients
  • Creates a cushion and keeps the joints hydrated
  • Maintains healthy collagen and joint cartilage
  • Supports flexibility of cartilages
  • Expertly formulated for maximum efficacy

Dorwest JointWell Tablets For Dogs and Cats Reviews

Average Rating 4.5 Based on 8 Reviews
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Average Rating 4.5
Based on 8 Reviews
Improves movements Jan 25, 2024
I have seen a lot of improvement in my pet's movements ever since I started giving this supplement to her.
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Good for joint health Dec 07, 2023
Good supplement. It helps me in keeping my pet's joints healthy.
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Eases movements Nov 17, 2023
Nice product. Helpful in keeping my pet's joints healthy. She walks smoothly, without any trouble.
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Supports joints Oct 22, 2023
An effective supplement that provides support to my old pal's joints
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Best joint care supplement Sep 02, 2023
It is one of the best joint care supplements I have tried so far. I am glad to see my buddy playing without pain
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Good supplement Jul 06, 2023
Works well. Its a regular for my pal.
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Joint care May 29, 2023
lsupports ong-term joint health for my old buddy.
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Great joint supplements Mar 22, 2023
These are really amazing, and effective in keeping my dog's joints healthy.
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