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Dermaclens Cream for Dogs

Dermaclens is an antiseptic healing cream for dogs and cats. The cleansing cream is widely used for treating wounds, lesions, burns, abrasions, and other dermatological conditions. It helps in cleansing the dead cells and tissues and debris from wounds. The soothing cream aids in healing faster and regeneration of new tissues. The non-irritating formula is safe and ideal for a variety of skin problems in dogs and cats.

How it Works?

Dermaclens is developed with an amalgamation of quality healing agents. The ingredients with cleansing properties clean and remove debris and dead cells from the wound. They form a protective layer over the wound preventing infection and further damage to the skin. It helps in healing faster without any side effects.

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Worth your money!
My dog had an allergic reaction and had developed a hot spot on his neck. I tried many products and faced disappointment. Dermaclens was the one that worked a miracle and his hot spot disappeared within 3 days. Thank you, Dermaclens!
Worked brilliantly
This has worked brilliantly, no infection present, I would suggest that it is great for covering wounds or flea bites as it calms the area down. This is a dog first aid essential.
Just One word "AMAZING"
I have found this cream really effective in stopping my dogs scratching plus it can help prevent infection. It's an amazing barrier cream. I will stock up again when they run out.