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Dermaclens Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 3 Reviews
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Worth your money! Apr 14, 2018
My dog had an allergic reaction and had developed a hot spot on his neck. I tried many products and faced disappointment. Dermaclens was the one that worked a miracle and his hot spot disappeared within 3 days. Thank you, Dermaclens!
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Worked brilliantly Oct 03, 2017
This has worked brilliantly, no infection present, I would suggest that it is great for covering wounds or flea bites as it calms the area down. This is a dog first aid essential.
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Just One word "AMAZING" Oct 03, 2017
I have found this cream really effective in stopping my dogs scratching plus it can help prevent infection. It's an amazing barrier cream. I will stock up again when they run out.
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