Paragard Allwormer Reviews

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Paragard Allwormer
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Intestinal Worms
  • Health Benefits
    Internal Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
    Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms
  • Protects For
    3 Months
  • Recommended for
    Dogs and Puppies older than 2 weeks of age
  • Key Ingredients
    Praziquantel, Oxantel Embonate and Pyrantel Embonate
  • Effective against various gastrointestinal worms
  • Treats hookworms, roundworms and whipworms
  • Eliminates tapeworms including hydatid tapeworms
  • Provides broad protection against various worm infections
  • Simple and effective allwormer for dogs
  • Delicious liver flavored tablet easy to administer
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Perfect Care Feb 28, 2022
Works as its names states. It safeguards my pooch against a range of common intestinal parasites.
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Works Well Dec 14, 2021
This product works really well and is greatly effective for my doggos
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Excellent Product Apr 13, 2021
I love how easy to use it and effective it is. A wonderful treatment for dogs.
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Effective Product Mar 11, 2021
No more fuss in food digestion for lovely pal since I am using this product. Plus, it helps to fight against worms.
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Fast acting and long lasting, Feb 10, 2021
Fast acting and long lasting, it was ever so easy to use on my fidgety poodle.
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Paragard Allwormer for Dogs
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