Panacur Worming Granules for Dogs

Panacur Worming Granules for Dogs

Panacur Worming Granules for Dogs is a white or yellowish/white granular powder. The oral treatment is a broad spectrum wormer that treats roundworms, tapeworms and lung-worms in dogs and puppies. It also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs. It is used to treat weaned puppies and kittens infected with gastrointestinal roundworms and protozoa (Giardia spp). The oral treatment is also suitable for the treatment of pregnant dogs to reduce prenatal infections of roundworms. These granules are virtually tasteless and can be easily mixed in the dog food.It is mild and kind to the dogs but lethal to worms.

How it works?

Fenbendazole is the active ingredient present in Panacur Worming Granules. It is an anthelmintic that is employed to manage acute and chronic stages of parasitic infection in pets. The active ingredient is effective against roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms that can cause lots of diseases in animals. Fenbendazole obstructs the energy metabolism of the worms. The anthelmintic property in the component enables swift remedy to gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections. Thus it aids in eliminating various types of worms in dogs.

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Works great

can' t find better product than this


was skeptical whether these granules would be as effective as tablets but it seems they are more effective comparatively.

easy to give

As it easily mixed with food, it is quite easy to deworm my pack of dogs. I dont have to work too much and treating them when it comes worm treatment.

Works great!

I use it on my dogs, it is quite easy as they were not taking tablets. They like the taste when mixed with their food. No more worms now. I highly recommend this product.

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