Mediworm for Dogs – Worm Control Treatment

Mediworm for dogs is a broad spectrum dewormer for the treatment of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. The strong anthelmintic formula kills ascarids, hookworms and tapeworms in dogs. The worming tablet offers high efficacy against Toxocara canis ancylostoma caninum, dipylidium caninum and Taenia hydatigena. The flavored tablet is easy to administer and highly cost-effective compared to other wormers.

How it works?

Mediworm tablet contains two powerful ingredients - Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate. Pyrantel is an effective anthelmintic. It paralysis worms by causing an irreversible contraction of the musculature similar to the contracture. The worms are then dislodged by natural process. The biltong flavor makes it highly palatable and easy to dose to dogs and puppies. There is no toxic effect of using this tablet and it is even safe for puppies and old dogs.

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would recommend

Recommended by my veterinarian. exactly what I have been looking for.

performs well

Easy to administer and seems to perform as expected. Pricing I haven't really compared. I bought this product for delivery convenience with another product

Worm control

best product for worming and ever since i m using i cant find any worm infection in MAX and Curtis

Ease of treatment

I am happy for this product. An easy way to treat your pet for worms at home - without the visit to the pet shop or vet. I like this product

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