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Ultrum Line-Up Spot On Reviews

Ultrum Line-up Flea and Tick Preventive for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up is the fastest remedy for removing fleas and ticks from dogs. This latest topical treatment kills fleas and inhibits the development of flea eggs and larvae. It destroys ticks and prevents tick infestation. Ultrum Line-up is an efficient treatment that helps to get rid of fleas for 4 weeks and ticks up to 3 weeks. Ultrum treatment of two consecutive months helps to protect dogs against flea and tick infestation. It is safe to use on dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age.

How it works?

Ultrum Line-up consists of permethrin and pyriproxifen. The active ingredient - permethrin kills adult fleas on contact and continues to kill for four weeks. It acts on the nerve cells leading to paralysis of these parasites and eventually eliminates them. The other ingredient which is a UV-stable Insect Growth Regulator restricts the development of flea eggs and larvae for 5 months. The clinically proven formula controls ticks for 3 weeks. The topical preventive protects dogs against flea and tick infestation.

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Amazing Product
Couldn't find a better solution than this. No more fleas problem. Thanks for this amazing product.
Great Product!
No other product worked as effectively as this. Thanks for the product.
No more crawling critters on my pal!
I have used this treatment for tick infestation after speaking to my vet and it works! No more crawling critters on my pal!
Effective Treatment at a Better Price.
It helped me to protect my pal from tick infestation. I must say, it an effective treatment at a better price.
worth the value
Thank you so much, no more pills now, this topical treatment actually works.