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What is Advantage?

Introduced by Bayer, Advantage is an efficient flea preventive for canines. This topical solution provides complete protection to dogs against adult fleas, flea larvae and chewing lice. As this potential product interrupts the flea life-cycle, you may not need to use any other flea preventive to block its re-infestation or kill its juvenile stages. Advantage does it all. It also prevents several diseases caused by the pests and provides a month long protection to them. Due to its quick action formula, Advantage starts killing fleas and its larvae within 20 minutes of application.

How it works?

The key ingredient used in the composition of Advantage spot-on is Imidacloprid. This systematic insecticide acts as an insect neurotoxin and damages the central nervous system of the parasites. It starts killing fleas and its early life stages within 20 minutes of application. Fleas are killed on mere contact with the solution, which makes this spot-on a unique one. Almost 99% of fleas and larvae are destroyed by 12 hours of application.

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Pretty Good

I have a small poodle and this product is the only one that works for my dog. After just one day all the fleas are dead and my dog is itch free.

Amazing product

I used advantage after using another product that did not do a thing. The fleas were dead within hours and I have happy pups now. Thank you

Safe for my pregnant dog

Not all the products are safe for my pregnant dog to protect her from fleas and ticks. But, it is such a relief to find a product that is safe to use for her.


Absolutely delighted with this product, highly effective and at an affordable price

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