Pet Dent Oral Rinse

Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

Pet Dent Oral Rinse is a sugar and alcohol free oral rinse that has been specifically developed for dogs and cats. It aids in reducing the development of caries, plaque formation and keeps the breath of your pet fresh and healthy. You can use this oral rinse between brushing or after an oral process to assist in oral hygiene of the pet.

How it works?

Pet Dent Oral Rinse contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate, and Calcium glycerophosphate as active ingredients. All these three ingredients aid in keeping the oral hygiene of the pet fit and healthy. It also aids in reducing the development of plaque in the mouth of the pet.

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best dental rinsing product for pets

Excellent product

This is the easiest product to use.

Great service

Budgetpetworld offers best service. Recently I ordered two packs of oral rinse, and I received only one. Customer care team was too supportive they listened to my complain and delivered me the other pack without any problems.

Tooth cleaning rinse

Sherly's shining pearlis, I love that most.