Pet Dent Oral Gel

Pet Dent Oral Gel

Pet Dent Oral Gel is a unique formula, which is specially designed for pets to keep them free from overall dental issues. The palatable gel makes it easy to apply and promotes dental hygiene in dogs and cats. It inhibits bacteria growth and prevents tooth decay. This gel is best to control plaque formation, gum disease and bad breath too.

How it works?

Pet Dent Oral Gel contains Chlorhexideine and Zinc as active ingredients in it. The elements act to control plaque formation, helps prevent bad breath, tooth decay and improves oral health. These ingredients stay in contact with the mouth and teeth surfaces for a prolonged period, slowing down the buildup of plaque and helping to prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

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Good product

Good product

oral gel

this oral gel is quite easy to use and is affordable too

no smelly mouth

I put my Kethy on this and within two weeks have noticed an IMMENSE difference, especially in the mouth odor. no more bad smell. thanks

Great product

Great value, would have cost about usd50 in local mall, free And super delivery...we'll be back!

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