Pet Dent Finger Brush

Pet Dent Finger Brush for Dogs & Cats

Pet Dent Finger Brush provides a smooth mechanism for getting rid of tartar formation in the teeth of dogs and cats. It provides sparkling white teeth and fresh breath that promotes the overall health of the pet. This product is recommended for all breeds of dogs and cats. The brush has been formulated without any detergent or foaming agent making it highly safe for dogs and cats.

How it works?

Chlorhexidine Gluconate is the active ingredient present in this finger brush. It is an antiseptic agent that averts and reduces plaque buildup in dogs and cats. It promotes active healing after oral surgery thereby reducing the chances of secondary infections.

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Works great

every three months i change the brush, this works too long, i prefer to change, it just goes too well with my three pugs. happy brushing time for them.

Easy to use

Good product, packed well and arrived in excellent condition. Easy to follow instructions for use.


Very quick and efficient service. Prices are also low. Will order it again when required.


The Budget pet world price is a bit cheaper than my vet practice. Because of high cost of visit to vet and treatment