Orovet Oral Rinse

Orovet Oral Rinse for Dogs & Cats

Orovet is a potent oral rinse for dogs and cats with effective qualities of antiseptic agent. The oral gel inhibits the formation plaque by reducing the absorption of future plaque formation. With the broad spectrum effectiveness, it kills and controls bacteria, fungi, yeast and certain lipophylic viruses. Orovet oral rinse is effective in controlling gingivitis in pets. Safe for dogs and cats, Orovet is highly recommended for preventing oral diseases post oral infections or oral surgeries.

How it Works?

MedPet Orovet contains a powerful antiseptic agent – Chlorhexidine. This agent prevents and reduces plaque accumulation in dogs and cats. Chlorhexidine has the ability to bind to the oral mucosa and skin, through which it will remain in the mouth for a while, without being removed from it quickly. The ingredient promotes healing process after oral surgery by lowering the chances of secondary infections.

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i simply use this for my cat as she is quite fussy about brushing. this works so no issues


regular use protects against unwanted dental issues

Clean and clear!

After a month of Orovet treatment, my vet was thrilled with the results, and my cat’s teeth have shown significant improvement. The vet was so pleased that she cut the Orovet treatments back to three times a week from once a day. Highly recommended!

NO side effects

Very pleased with this product. I used other rinse and it was bad that my dog used to throw it out. But this one is great. He takes it easily and I don’t have problem using it/.

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