Malaseb Shampoo

Malaseb is a fragrance-free shampoo that aids in getting rid of ringworms, yeast, dandruff and other bacterial infections from the body of dogs and cats. It is an anti-microbial shampoo that kills fungal, yeast and bacterial microorganisms. It aids in treating Dermatophytosis in cats and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis in dogs.

How it works?

Chlorhexidine Digluconate and Miconazole Nitrate are two active ingredients present in this shampoo. Both these ingredients assist in therapeutic treatment of bacterial and fungal seborrhea in pets. It even destroys infective spores and treats the skin disorders in dogs and cats.

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chose this product and happy to make the right choice as it just cleans perfectly and no more dirt and grime.


Just one wash is enough to remove that grime. No more dirt and grease on hair. Washes simply good. I like this shampoo most for Mark.

Best shampoo

best shampoo. I have used many but I found this good one. No more flaky skin after start using this product.