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Avert Bitter Solution

Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds

Avert Bitter Solution is a bitterant solution spray to be used on bandage, dressings or around open wounds. The strong bitter solution discourages dogs, cats, and horses from chewing, licking and biting bandages, wounds, stitches and open wounds. It also helps to control behavioral problem of constant chewing of any household object. Avert controls birds from feather plucking and horses from crib-biting. Avert is suitable to be used on dogs, cats, birds and horses. The powerful bitter solution is non-toxic and safe to use for all animals.

How it works?

Avert Bitter solution is developed with Denatonium benzoate with bitter plant products. Made with natural ingredients, the strong bitterant disallows pets from biting, chewing and licking of wounds or open skin surfaces. This bitter plant extract leaves bitter taste, which discourages pet from licking it. The spray distracts the pets from touching, and licking wounds thus allows for faster healing.

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Wow! What can I say about this product other than it really works for deterring pets from chewing things that they are not supposed to. Now my kitty doesn’t chew on our furniture, bedding and other things that she used to. Thumbs up!

Stop Dog Chewing

Love this...after trying several other bitter products, decided to give this a try and it works like a charm! Stop chewing after just a few uses.

Bitter Solution That Works

This stuff has kept my little puppy away from eating the molding on my beautiful craftsman house. It really works. He no longer chews on anything I sprayed this on. What an incredible product!! Must-buy!!