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Swimmer’s Solution for Dogs

Swimmer’s Solution for dogs is a harmless acidifier for aural use. The ear cleaner aids in the treatment of fungal infections and prevents growth of micro-organisms. It dries and disinfects the ear canal. The unique formula maintains a moisture free environment and controls various ear problems. Gentle on dog’s ears, Swimmer’s solution prevents bad odor and keep ears clean and infection free.

How does it work?

Swimmer’s Solution is clinically formulated for the prevention and control of ear infections in dogs. The ear cleaner is made up of harmless acidifiers and drying agents. The components control growth of fungi by changing the pH in the dog’s ear. The drying gel helps to keep ear environment dry and disinfects the ear canal. Thus, restricts the growth of micro-organisms. It is ideal for dogs that swim a lot.

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Ear Care Solution
It controls ear infections in dogs. It helps to quickly dry the ears and disinfects the ear canal.
Ear Care After Swim
Best product to use after a swim with our pal. It helps to dry and disinfects the ear canal.
My vet suggested
My vet suggested this to control fungal infections and the growth of micro-organisms. Turn out to be very effective and dog-friendly too.
Effective and affordable
No hassle to use this cleanser. Effective and affordable too!
Works Well
It works to keep our fur baby’s ears clean and controls infections as well. Would recommend this.