Otosol for Dogs & Cats

Otosol – Ear Cleansing Drops for Dogs/ Cats

Otosol Ear drops is an analgesic-astringent ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats. The topical solution facilitates in the removal of ear wax. It helps remove excess wax, debris, death unhealthy tissues from ears. The anti-inflammatory solution treats and prevents otitis externa in pets. Keeping ears clean and dry, Otosol helps prevent various ear conditions in dogs and cats.

How it Works?

Otosol ear cleaner is developed with major disinfectants, softeners and flavonoids. These agents dissolve death tissues, debris, excess wax and exfoliating skin. The unique formulation controls bacteria and parasitic inflammations of outer ear. The special agents keep ear clean and dry.

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simple to use

quite easy and simple to use.

suits her well

Gentle on my pug's ears. she has quite sensitive ears and i am always afraid to use anything for her. but this simply suits her well.


Excellent product

Ear cleaner

Very good service. Good company and quality product. Best value for money.

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