Otosol for Dogs & Cats Reviews

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Otosol for Dogs & Cats
  • Pet
    Dog and Cat
  • Treatment For
    Eye and Ear
  • Health Benefits
    Parasitic Inflammations, Controls Debris, Excess Wax and Exfoliating Skin
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
  • Recommended For
    All Stages of Cats and Dogs
  • Key Ingredients
    Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Salicylic Acid
  • An antiseptic ear cleaning solution
  • Analgesic-astringent and disinfectant action controls ear infections
  • With anti-inflammatory effect, it lowers inflammation
  • Ideal for ear problems such as otitis externa
  • Treats and prevents ear problems
  • Aids in healing ear wounds
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Product effective Sep 02, 2020
other products i have used for our dogs have not been as effective as this one.
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ear drops Aug 10, 2020
These dog ear drops are good for taking the brown gunk off white dogs ears would recommend this to friends and family.
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Great! Jun 08, 2020
This product is great and doesn’t drip all over unlike other ones I’ve used. Smells nice and keeps ears healthy
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smelly ears May 05, 2020
has incredibly controlled smelly ears
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for dogs and cats Apr 13, 2020
it is the ear cleaner for both our dogs and cats. would recommend
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Otosol for Dogs & Cats
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