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Dermavet Cats

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4.8/5 (43 Reviews)
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  • Information
  • Directions
  • Safety
  • Benefits
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat, Horse
  • Treatment For
    Wound, Bacterial Skin & Ear Infections, Inflamed Skin
  • Health Benefits
    Soothes and Relieves Pain, Faster healing.
  • Product Type
    Topical, Cream
  • Recommended for
    Dogs, Cats, Puppies Of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Shorea robusta, Azadirachta indica, Pongamia pinnata, Cassia tora, Ficus infectoria, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Celastrus paniculatus, Jasad bhasma, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

Dermavet Cream For Cats, Dogs & Horses

Manufactured by Med-Pharmex, Dermavet is a spot-on cream with healing properties. This cream is a primary treatment for cuts, lesions, ear infections and wounds in canines and felines. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help in faster healing of the wound and in keeping it clean. Dermavet is an ideal cream for treating inflamed skin, chronic ear infections, wounds, cuts and bacterial infections in pets.

How it works?

Dermavet consists of numerous natural ingredients. These active ingredients provide therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, antifungal and antibacterial. The combined effect soothes, relieves pain and helps in faster healing.


Each gram of DermaVet cream contains:

Shorea robusta, Azadirachta indica, Pongamia pinnata, Cassia tora, Ficus infectoria, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Celastrus paniculatus, Jasad bhasma, Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben.

How to Use Dermavet for Cats

Before applying read and follow the prescription label thoroughly.

Apply only the exact amount prescribed by your vet and as often as directed.

Without consulting your vet, do not skip or stop giving the treatment.

Adjust cream applications based upon an assessment of your cat’s healing process.

It is necessary to clip the hair around the infected area to assist with the cream application.

Ensure that the cream is not getting into your pet’s eyes, nose or mouth.

Make sure to wear gloves while applying.

Wash hands before and after applying the cream. If you find any difficulty in applying DermaVet or your pet is in discomfort, it is better to contact your veterinarian.


Apply DermaVet cream once daily or weekly for mild inflammation.

Frequency of applications increases from two to three times daily depending on the severity of the conditions. As the conditions improve, decrease the dose or consult your vet for further directions.  

Before applying DermaVet always clean the affected area and sparingly apply in a thin layer.

For infected anal glands and cystic areas, ensure to drain gland and cyst and then apply DermaVet filling the wound.

Apply in a thin film after cleaning the area for all types of dermatological disorders.


DermaVet is strictly a topical use cream. Avoid Injection of the substance in any form.  

When applying the cream on pet, wear protective gloves or wash hands after application. 

Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat (104 F). Keep out of reach of children, pets and uninformed persons.

More Information:

Safety and precautions:

Avoid using on cats in the last trimester of pregnancy due to corticosteroids substance present in the product.

DermaVet is not suitable for puncture wounds, deep abscesses, burns or deep-seated infections such as inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.

If no result seen on regular applications within 10 days, immediately visit your veterinarian.

Side Effects

Sometimes in cats, sensitivity to the active ingredient neomycin occurs after treatment.

Redness, swelling or irritation of skin is experienced in some cats.


DermaVet cream is not for ophthalmic use.

Pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant should wear gloves when applying this cream and wash hands immediately after application.

For pregnant and nursing cats, DermaVet usage is not established.

Never exceed the dose as stated on product or prescribed by your veterinary physician. 


  • Formulated with four therapeutic treatments, DermaVet acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial cream for cats.
  • DermaVet has a 40-year track record of most recommended pet care product ensuring long-lasting and rapid symptomatic relief.
  • It is a fast and effective treatment for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria along with complex infections that are itchy, dry, and inflamed.

Dermavet Reviews

Average Rating 4.8 Based on 43 Reviews
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76% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
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Average Rating 4.8
Based on 43 Reviews
Long lasting effect Mar 13, 2024
The effect of this cream lasts for long. It keeps my pet's skin healthy.
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No more itching Feb 24, 2024
The cream helps in reducing itching. Very helpful product.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Trusted Jan 03, 2024
I have been using it for my pet for long. A very good wound healing cream.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Fast relief Dec 18, 2023
The cream gives quick relief in itching and pain and helps heal the wound faster.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Antibacterial Nov 28, 2023
The cream is antibacterial. It heals my pet's wounds effectively and protects from further infection.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Trusted Oct 03, 2023
A pet parent in neigborhood recommended this to me and I am myself using it for long now for treating my pet's wounds. A good choice I must say.
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Gives relief in itching Sep 13, 2023
The cream gives relaxation in itching skin. A very good solution for my pet
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Trusted Aug 18, 2023
My friend suggested this cream for my kiity. She has been using it for her cats for years. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. A very good product.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Effective on infections Jul 16, 2023
Treats bacterial infections and accelerates healing.
Was this review helpful? 0 0
Best by far May 25, 2023
This is easy to use and by far the best for my dog.
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Awesome Apr 22, 2023
This is amazing, will buy more.
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Will buy again Mar 20, 2023
Buying this was a great decision, and will be buying it again.
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