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  I was a little sceptical about purchasing from an online pet store but accessing the website was quite easy and my order also came through on time. Thank you BudgetPetWorld for providing pet products at these amazing prices so we can keep our pets healthy.  

  • - Sammy ,
  • Aug 13, 2019

  Love, love this website! I have three cats and two dogs. Yes, it's exhausting but also rewarding to have so many furry friends! I purchase all the pet products from BudgetPetWorld. Ever since I started purchasing from here, my pets have never gotten any kind of infection. Kudos to the team for providing such awesome services!  

  • - Gail ,
  • Aug 08, 2019


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  As a pet parent, I always try to provide my pets with the best possible treatment. A similar vision is shared by Budget Pet World who has provided me with the best quality for over 2 years. I am grateful to them for providing me with such consistent and quality service.  

  • , Apr 25, 2018

  Budget Pet World is the ultimate pet site as it offers quality pet products at best prices. I am a pet parent of 2 German Shepherds and their many requirements are fulfilled through this site. Thanks, Budget Pet World and their team for good service.  

  • , Apr 02, 2018

  I am impressed with Budget Pet World. Your Prices are so reasonable and products I have purchased from you all worked well for my little dog. Thanks for customer friendly service and quality products.  

  • , Mar 25, 2018

  GREAT SITE. I house 4 dogs and all their requirements are met through Budget Pet World. I received my order on time. The customer care people are nice and friendly. Hope you continue to provide the same level of service. Thank You.  

  • , Mar 15, 2018
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