Wound Gard

Wound Gard for Cats

Wound-Gard is an anti-septic bitterant solution that comes in the form of spray. When pets get wound, they lick and self-mutilate intensifying the wound and making it prone to infections. This also slows down healing process. Wound-Gard quickly heals the wound further preventing infections. When sprayed on wounds, the bitter taste of the solution discourages pets from licking, hurting or damaging their wound. This topical solution heals your feline’s wound faster.

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wanted to try ssomething but ended up on this site buying this product and happy for my mistake as got the best product at great prices.

Effective bitterant

Like the product and because it comes in the form of spray it is safe and easy to use.

Heals faster

My pet's wound was not healing since long and going to vet is wasting too much bucks. Ordered dermaclens and it worked fine. The wound healed faster and no burning sensation. Highly effective.

No stickiness

Smooth application and does not irritate pet's skin