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Panacur Worming Paste Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 23 Reviews
73% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Panacur Worming Paste
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat
  • Treatment For
    Intestinal Worm
  • Health Benefits
    Internal Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
    Oral, Paste
  • Parasites Covered
    Flea, Tick, Worm, Heartworm
  • Parasites Covered
    Treats and Controls Roundworm, Tapeworm and Lungworm
  • Protects For
  • Recommended For
    Dogs and Cats of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
  • Treats and controls adult and immature roundworms of the gastrointestinal tract in dogs and cats
  • Safe to be administered on pregnant bitches and queens
  • Recommended for all ages of dogs and cats
  • Treats dogs infected with lungworm Oslerus (Filaroides) osleri or protozoa of Giardia spp and cats infected with lungworm Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
  • Simple to use
  • Has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs
  • Dogs and cats infected with gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms are treated
  • Treats weaned puppies and kittens infected with gastrointestinal roundworms and puppies infected with protozoa (Giardia spp.)
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Helpful Product Mar 14, 2022
I found this the only product that works the best against gastrointestinal worms.
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Works so well! Sep 19, 2021
This is a wonderful product, it worked so much better than the other ones that I have tried
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Quality Products May 19, 2021
The product does what it says!
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The best shop to buy. Apr 15, 2021
The best shop to buy. You can’t beat the deals and offers they offer here!
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Amazing Product Mar 15, 2021
My kitty is more active and happy after getting on this treatment. Thanks for this cat-friendly product
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Panacur Worming Paste for Cats
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