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Mediworm for Cats

Mediworm for cats is a catnip flavored tablet for treating intestinal parasites in cats. The broad spectrum treatment eliminates various intestinal worms including hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Mediworm offers 100% efficacy against different worms and prevents harmful worm infection. This highly palatable deworming tablet is easy to dose and cost-effective. Suitable for cats and kittens, Mediworm is safe for pregnant and lactating cats.

How it works?

Mediworm contains two main ingredients - Praziquantel and Pyrantel pamoate. The combination works effectively on intestinal worms. It acts on nerve cells and causes paralysis. Eventually, these worms are eliminated from the system without harming your cat. The catnip flavor makes it easy to administer. Regular treatment with Mediworm is necessary to protect cats against recurring worm infection.

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Very nice online store.
Very nice online store. All the need of our pets is here with very affordable rates
Vet suggested
My kitty was having worm problems, vet suggested this product and it worked wonders. My kitty is fine and healthy now.
100% effective
100% effective and no side backs. our kitty is recovering well from worm infection now
Good cat wormer
I have an older cat with worm trouble, tried different stuff, even stuff from the vet, but failed but this gave great results and was gentle on our old cat
worm control
perfect worm control product. saving our dog from bitter worm infections