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Mediworm Powder Reviews

Average Rating 4.6 Based on 19 Reviews
57% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Mediworm Powder
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Worm Infestation
  • Health Benefits
    Internal Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
    Oral, Powder
  • Parasites Covered
    Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworm
  • Protects For
  • Recommended For
    Birds of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Praziquantel,Pyrantel Pamoate
  • Treats and prevents intestinal worm infection in aviary and caged birds
  • Kills hairworms, roundworms and tapeworms
  • Protects from worm reinfestation
  • Highly palatable worming powder
  • Causes no regurgitation
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Excellent Product Jan 30, 2022
This is an excellent product, I'm a regular user and this creates wonders.
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Works Well May 27, 2021
Easy to administer and effective powder. Works well!
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My vet suggested Mar 24, 2021
My vet suggested this to treat tapeworms and roundworms infection in my birdies. It is really a very helpful and 100% effective product.
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Helpful Product Feb 01, 2021
Easy to administer and effective for my tiny birdies. Would recommend this!
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Easy to use Jan 03, 2021
Due to its powder form, it is really easy to dose and my bird is protected from worms.
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Mediworm Powder for Birds
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