Coximed for Pigeons

Coximed is an ingenious oral treatment to cure and prevent diseases like Coccidiosis in pigeons. This tablet can be given to all types of pigeons encompassing racing pigeons, young pigeons, and breeding pigeons. It is also safe for sick pigeons and assists in their recovery very swiftly. A single dose of this treatment ensures that there is no re-infestation of this deadly disease in pigeons.

How It Works?

Coximed contains Diclazuril as an active ingredient. It eliminates parasites and restores pigeon’s health. When you are considering treating a pigeon treat all pigeons simultaneously in the same pigeon coop to evade spreading the infection to other birds. Proper hygiene in pigeon houses in a must to prevent re-infestation. This treatment is safe to be administered in pigeons during the breeding season.

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Very pleased

Love this product. Very pleased!


usually use it to treat the coop before starting of the season. and it works great with no infections during the high time.


Very good for racing pigeons. No side effects and no extra charges. Got this at free shipping

best for pigeons

My birds seem to like it and they seem healthier, happier and more active.