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Anxitane Chewable Tablets for Dogs

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Anxitane Chewable Tablets for Medium/Large Dogs

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Anxitane Chewable Tablets for Small Cats & Dogs

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30 Tablet

Anxitane – Calming Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Anxitane (L-Theanine) Chewable Tablet is an effective treatment for stress and anxiety in dogs. It is highly effective for pets that exhibit nervousness or anxiety, or stress due to their environment. Helps maintain your dog in calm and relaxed state during challenging conditions. The flavored tablet from Virbac is loved by pets due to its taste. It is great for grooming, travel, thunderstorms, fearful acquaintances and other stressful situations.

How does it work?

Anxitane chewable tablets contains active ingredient L-Theanine. The ingredient is a form of amino acid which is naturally found in green tea. It helps in calming the dog in stressful conditions. The soothing effect keeps your dog under control and prevents behavioral issues.


L - Theanine


  • Should be administered orally.

For Cats:

  • Administer 1/2 tablet twice daily.

For Dogs

  • Administer 1/2 tablet to dogs less than 22 lbs twice daily.
  • Administer 1 tablet to dogs above 22 lbs twice daily.
  • Should be used for at least 60 days to ensure maximum results.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool place.
  • Check expiry date before dosing.
  • For animal use only.
  • Avoid treating breeding and pregnant animals.
  • In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
  • Do not use in animals with severe phobias, separation anxiety or in animals with a known history of aggression.
  • Helps in keeping dogs calm and relaxed
  • Reduces signs of stress and anxiety
  • Keeps dogs in normal state
  • Prevents behavioral issues
  • Yummy poultry-flavored tablet
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the improvement I’ve noticed is his ability to get remain calm during challenging situations. Excellent product
Effective stress reliever
After treating our dogs I can say that it is effective stress busters.