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Advantage Multi (Advocate) Reviews
Average Rating 4.9
Based on 68 Reviews
83% of Reviewers
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Top Reviews
I appreciate the product
Takes care of multiple parasites all at once with a super affordable budget
The best
I have used other products and they are useless. Advantage Multi gives my pet the best results.
One stop solution
Glad that this one product can treat various parasites on my pet.
Effective on fleas
It actually works well as it killed maximum fleas from my pup within few hours of application
Highly effective oin worms
My pup got a major relief from worms. All thanks to Advantage Multi
Effective and long lasting
Unlike other products that do not last long Advantage Multi gives month long protection from parasites.
works fast
Does not take ages to kill fleas.
Provides Bonanza Protection
Advantage multi is a bonanza product for my Fido as it not only treats fleas and ticks but also combats gastrointestinal worms from him.
Multi spectrum treatment
My pooch was suffering from fleas and ticks that made me fear of her having heartworms, so I switched to using this multi spectrum treatment which works great
Cost effective treatment
Have used many products for my dog but this treatment is way better and cost effective than others