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Adaptil Spray Reviews
Average Rating 4.7
Based on 19 Reviews
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Top Reviews
spray treatment
it is good to use this treatment as it keeps our dog under control.
Behavioral changes
Improvement in behavior
Great product
Great product
spray treatment, easy to use and easy to control Romy
calming spray
this simply works great, it cools down pecky whenever we are on drive. she is quite noisy on a ride and with this collar, my task becomes quite easy.
Adaptil spray
it works great. specially for spraying in kennels, as it keeps Maggie happy and calm.
Perfect for my pup!
My 4-year-old Basset Hound would be very distressed when I would leave her at home. She would make a mess of her bedding and whatever got in her way. I was frustrated by this behaviour and so I decided to use Adaptil Spray. The results were deeply satisfying. Now, she remains really calm and composed when I leave her alone. Recommended!
Great calming spray
Have helped our dog tremendously and I already have recommended to my friends and family. Really GREAT!!
Effective for my dog
This calming spray has done great job in calming our very high energy, hyper-vigilant dog. It is not a miracle but rather an aid in training and impulse control.