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Tylobiotic Reviews

Tylobiotic for Pigeons and Birds

Tylobiotic is an ingenious solution for treating Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and pet birds. It is especially developed to ensure that the side effects caused by overdose of Tylocin ingredient are minimized. It is highly effective and safe to use on birds and pigeons. Due to its easy to dose capability it is extensively used to treat and protect birds and racing pigeons. This high-grade powder controls and prevents the disease and restores birds’ energy.

How It Works?

Tylobiotic is a powder based treatment consisting of Tylosin as an active ingredient. Tylosin is a bacteriostat feed additive. It treats respiratory tract diseases like Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and cage birds. The other ingredients Nicotinamide and Calcium assist in fighting with stress. When all these ingredients are combined together it results in protection of birds and pigeons from harmful diseases.

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Highly Effective
It is highly effective and useful for my racing pigeons
Best bet to buy!
I can bet on this! You could not find better than this for racing pigeons.
Effective and affordable
Effective and affordable product for our racing pigeons. We always buy this to keep them active and healthy.
Helpful to treat diseases in birds
This treatment helped my birdies to get rid of fatal diseases
Good one
has helped restored our birds' energy during recovery from illness