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Triworm-C Dewormer Reviews
Average Rating 4.8
Based on 22 Reviews
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Top Reviews
Excellent Product
Once you start using it for your pet results will not let you buy anything else. Highly recommended
Dewormer for cats
Best dewormer I have ever had for my felines. Would definitely buy this again.
Excellent Product
No other product worked as effectively as this.
No more worms
I went to the vet twice with my 15-week-old kitten. My cat was given a topical deworming drug both times. Unfortunately, I was always waking up with sesame seed-like stuff on my bedding after the second time. It's revolting. So I ordered these pills because I didn't think my cat was getting a high enough dosage. I put one dose in his wet food, he ate it, and there were no more worms.
Best dewormer
Best dewormer to kill those nasty invaders coming inside your cats intestine.
It worked for my Lisy
It prevents as well as treat many types of worms. I have used for my 4 year old Lissy and it worked!
Very effective wormer, I just have to crush and mix in her food. Easy and effective.
Quality dewormer for our cats and affordable too.
c wormer
best cat wormer we have been using for our kitty since last year. she is keeping up with good state and no worm infections to suffer from
For cats
nothing works like this. we have been using for our girls for more than two years and it works perfectly fine for them.