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Travel Anxiety for Dogs/Cats

Travel Anxiety is a natural product specially prepared to lower the effects of travel anxiety in dogs and cats. The oral formulation is highly helpful in relieving canines and felines from motion sickness that is caused due to travelling. The easy to dose formula calms down and helps pets to fight against stress. It helps them to relax and overcome travel phobia. This natural preparation is safe for pets and has no side effects.

How it works?

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is developed with natural ingredients such Borax, Colchicum Autumnale, Valeriana, Passiflora and Cocculus. This oral formulation gives instant relief from the stress of travelling caused in dogs and cats. It helps dogs/cats to remain calm and relaxed during car, boat, airplane or train trip. It provides soothing effect and aids pets to face motion sickness. This homeopathic formulation reduces the pet’s physical reactions like panting, vomiting, restlessness and other unusual behavioral problems faced by your pet. Travel Anxiety largely helps your pet to relax and enjoy the trip.

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no more anxiety
Ever since I started this treatment, my doggo hasn't suffered from anxiety. It's a top treatment.
Fast and extremely effective!
Fast and extremely effective! I got my dog back in a week! My calm, older service dog became wildly anxious, dug out of fenced yard, got picked up and put in 'doggie jail,' and was completely out of control unless she was right next to me. I treated her and it was quite effective.
best ever
this is the best ever anxiety relief product
best treatment
Travelling with our pooch has made easy and enjoyable just because of this treatment.
no worries going out
previously we had to think a lot when going out but now with this anxiety teratment. no more worries.